Returning to Love - an Online Course
with Chalotte Inannah Fruergaard

Do you have an experience that something is blocking love in your life?

Do you sometimes feel that you are not good enough or worth loving?

Maybe you have lost the sparkle - both in yourself and in relation to a partner - and the belief that it can be switched on again?

All of these toughts are limited beliefs that lie in your mind and slow down the natural flow of love. it is not who you are and it is not what love is.

Most people walk around feeling lonely.
We don't need to because we are deeply connected.
There is just something that hides our experience of inner love
and connectedness to others and life.

I have created a course with a process that deepens your understanding, guides you to the direct path to love and invites you to an inner transformation.

Through 7 modules you will be guided and get all the knowledge I have gathered through my 25 years of experience on personal and spiritual development.

In this process you will go through exactly the steps you need to:

  • Understand how and how much control and fear can block love and how to change it.
  • Understand how your upbringing has shaped your image of love and how you can transform lack and longing for inner peace.
  • Learn the important tool of letting go in order to have more room for the love of your life.
  • Meet your essence, your core language of love and use it from the heart as your compass in life.

You (re)find the desire to give of yourself and the courage to be yourself with or without a partner. You (re)find the strength to go for the best in life.




Course Structure

Module 1 The Alchemist's Journey

The alchemist can turm metal into gold - you need to learn how to turn pain into love.
Duration: 21:00 min.

Module 2 Hormones at Play

Here you will learn why the hormones are so important and why falling in love makes you blind - it does! You will learn the basics about how you react in the beginning of a relationship when love gets to close.
Duration: 23:10 min.

Module 3 Language of Love

In this module you will learn about the 5 different languages of love, that we have as human beings. It makes it much easier if we speak the same language - we just often don't! You will learn to understand your own and your loved ones' language of love.
Duration 18:25 min.

Module 4 My Programming

In this module you will go in depth into what stops you and slows your flow of love. You will discover how you have been programmed by limiting beliefs since maybe you were a child.
Duration: 28:52 min.

Module 5 Your Essence

Who am I really behind who I think I am? In this module, you will get right into your inner core - a strong and loving essence, behind your mental programming. You get to know the path as a natural path of you.
Duration: 26:16 min.

Module 6 Love & New Consciousness

You are so much bigger than you think you are. You will learn about the connection between your loving energy and the universal energy of love. You will learn about the latest scientific discoveries about the path from head to heart.
Duration 23:13 min.

Module 7 The liberation

This last module is a unifying guided process where I take you through the 8 layers to release your programming. This is the moment that teaches you to turn "metal to gold" Build upon all the previous sessions I will guide you to a direct experience of love. It is important that you take this session without breaks as it is a live guidance to instant release.
Duration: 01:02:44 min.

In addition you recieve a Heart Meditation that you can download and hear daily or whenever you wish.
Duration: 13:34 min.

My name is Chalotte Inannah and I am passionate about love.

As a spiritual mentor, author ("It's all about love", Lemuel Books), yoga and meditation teacher, I am always rooted in love, bot spiritually in the form of spiritual coherence but also in the psychological approach with regards to patterns, emotions and behaviours. I am convinced that you are primarily a loving being and the more you can express your life through love and through your heart the happier you become in your life and the more successful you become.

My own course of life, both with the memories of my childhood, my happy marriage, the fundamental conflict of my relationship and the loss of my partner, form the basis for my inward search. In 2006 I got a revelation about the basic state of love in human beings and since then I have been teaching this.

With this process, I will take you by the hand and guide you all the way to your own core of love, while experiencing the wisdom and clarity of your lived love life.

(I am danish and english is my second language - so apologies for miss pronunciations or a strange accent:-)

Love Chalotte Inannah

"I have come to realize that love is always present in the heart and when the patterns let go, we see them everywhere. That the truth sets me free. It must be the liberating experience of letting go".


"The course has given me gratitude, joy, tranquility and cohesion. I have been given the belief that we can all go the way. The course is completely through a good balance and I am very pleased with it all".



"The course provided me with a technique to let go of patterns and trapped behavior, to be able to control and feel love. It was an amazing journey that made me feel lonely enjoying the moment and my own company."

How it works:

7 modules - 7 processes +
a heart meditation. 7 keys to a better relationship a stronger love life and the way home to love in yourself.

Price: €110 (incl. VAT).

Everything takes place at your own pace and from your own living room. After your purchase you come directly to the course and then all the modules and meditation are ready for you.

(The course is available 60 days after purchase).